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to throw their support behind mitt romney. he is expected to get a boost with another key endorsement today. tara mergener joins us live with our report. good morning. >> good morning. mitt romney is getting more support now from the gop, but so far his republican rivals are determined to stay in the race. first, barbara. then support from jeb. today mitt romney expects the endorsement of george h.w. bush. >> it is the bush family. >> mitt romney also got the backing of marker rubco rubio. >> one thing that can bring this momentum to a halt is to turn it over the keys of the white house to mitt romney or rick santorum. >> we have to find the right spot. >> with a calendar on favorable to santorum, it could be a tough month. trailing far behind, newt gingrich has fired his campaign manager and laid off much of the staff but he refuses to give up. >> there are two large principles that lead me to decide to run for president. one was values and the other was innovation. >> ron paul is not showing signs of dropping out. the next round of contests is in maryland, wisconsin and in the district of
of -- gruen von behrens. >> in commitment 2012 news, mitt romney is coming to maryland today. he will campaign in a town hall event at the dewy loman hall. >> i'm a strong republican. he is the right man for the right job. >> this is the republican council. he will be well received. >> a lot of people will be out here to watch him. >> romney is campaigning ahead of maryland's primary on april 3 where 37 delegates are at stake. he is waking up a winner this morning picking up 41 delegates in illinois and strengthening his overall delegate lead. we have more on the win and what it means for the campaign ahead. good morning. >> good morning. mitt romney has to be coming here feeling good about what happened last night. it was not the nail biter with what we have seen in past face-offs. he finished 12 points ahead of rick santorum but his rival vows this race isn't over yet. >> mitt romney didn't have to wait long after the illinois polls closed to give his victory speech, a clear win that he would like to say makes it a two-man race. romney versus obama. >> we once built an interstate highway sys
romney. >> instead of taking air risk of what could be the candidate for the future. >> newt gingrich disagrees. he says all republicans should back mitt romney. >> there is no doubt that whether it is -- we would have no choice. it would be a disaster. he is voting radical and incompetent. the competition -- >> advisers are urging rick santorum to get out of the race. and recalled those comments disappointing. he is behind by double digits. instead of playing catch-up, on thursday mitt romney was courting lawmakers on capitol hill and raising money, almost half a million dollars. outside that event, this -- >> we will remember in november. >> demonstrating against romney's plan. all four candidates are in louisiana today. there are 20 democrats at stake. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> visits to maryland are not over for presidential candidates. it has been reported two more hopefuls have scheduled visits. newt gingrich will come to annapolis and he will take a stroll down main street. no other details about the visit had been released. one day later, ron paul is expected to visit
. it doesn't matter to me. mitt romney immediately pounced. rick santorum letter clarified and said he does care but is candidacy does not hinge on the unemployment rate. the national cherry blossom festival gets underway. the peak bloom is expected today through friday. we better get in the car. it is weeks ahead of normal. this is the 100th anniversary of the jury by trees on the north bank of the title blossom. >> the faa is going to take a fresh look rules banning the use of personal electronics on planes during taxiing and landing. in the rule change would not include cell phones or smart phones. they will test e-readers and tablets. it will be a lengthy process. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the faa should revise its rules to allow electronic devices like ipads to be used during all parts of a flight? you can share your response at wbaltv.com and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> it should make alec baldwin happy. number trouble. 62 degrees on tv hill. spring is here. a chance to see onions bloom at a restau
. mitt romney was hoping the raises would help propel an to the nomination. he was upstaged by rick santorum. >> we did it again. >> rick santorum sweeps primaries in alabama and mississippi. >> everybody is talking about all the math and all the things that this race is inevitable. >> boosting his claim as the conservative alternative. newt gingrich is resisting pressure from the santorum camp to about and downplayed his loss as a bigger problem for mitt romney. >> the elite media's efforts to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. >> we have work to do. >> mitt romney did not speak to supporters after the results. he said his prospects were better than rick santorum's to clinch the nomination. >> he is far behind in the popular vote count. look at the delegates. it is a difficult road for him. >> ron paul did not invest time in this state. he has yet to win a state. >> rick santorum did not make much of a dent in the delegate lead. >> mitt romney got 22 delegates. symbolically, this is a big deal but it did not do much to close the delicate gap. mitt ro
. mitt romney is hoping to win most of the states. tracie potts has more. >> what president obama said about iran brought strong reaction from the campaign trail because there is too much talk of war. last few weeks, such talks has only benefited the iranian government by driving up the price of oil. >> the best thing that happened is that iran without a nuclear weapon. >> the world will change. >> the candidates are laser focused on super tuesday. >> i have good support in florida. >> ohio will be a big prize. >> we have a grass-roots campaign and we're hanging in there. >> newt gingrich is predicting a decisive win in georgia. ron paul could make his strongest showing in virginia. he has been attacking rick santorum. >> is there a deal? obviously not. >> rick santorum has an edge in ohio and tennessee. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 31 degrees on tv hill. the virginia tech shootings are the subject of a hearing today. >> rush limbaugh issues an apology. >> this is 95 north of the beltway. more on weather and traffic when more on weather and traffic when we come right back beth! hi
santorum is blasting met romney who says he does not support employers opting out of health insurance. mitt romney and rick santorum was not split michigan's delegates evenly. they decided to give mitt romney more. >> after the fact, rewrite rules, a break to rules. sayichigan's republicans that is how we always intended to split the delegates. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 35 degrees on tv hill. students return to class at an ohio high school. >> much of the middle part of the country cleaning up from deadly severe weather and more could be on the way. >> this is 795 south of franklin boulevard. ul >> good morning. friday morning. 5:09. right now the temperature is 35 degrees. the same reading at the airport and on tv hill. we start to morning with a typical march chill. look at some of the major destinations for air travel. chicago and denver and seattle all have some element of snow or rain in the forecast today with temperatures in the 30's or 40's. a big storm across the essential part of the nation. that is moving towards the mid atlantic region. by tonight, we will have some of t
for mitt romney over the weekend. >> illinois has more delegates at stake for any state except georgia. tracie potts has more. >> illinois it is the next big prize. president obama's home state. 69 delegates. >> a huge or surprise win. i guarantee we will win this nomination. >> it is an uphill battle for rick santorum. iran has a clear lead in the latest poll, by as much as nine points. mitt romney won the puerto rico 20 delegates on sunday. democrats question whether mitt romney can seal the deal. >> when it looks like mitt romney has momentum, he gets set back. >> republicans leaders say it is early in the game. >> it is at halftime. this process will play itself out. we will have a nominee a fairly c, 1 or two months away. >> newt gingrich and ron paul are on the ballot in illinois. this is largely between mitt romney and rick santorum. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 50 degrees on tv hill. coming up, mr. universe 50 years after winning his title. >> 8 road construction worker is a victim of a hit and run. >> another american death overseas. the circumstances surrounding her deat
. >> after a close contest in ohio, mitt romney scored the biggest prize of the night. tara mergener has the results. >> as expected, super tuesday was a fight for the finish for the front runners. a close race in ohio. >> i will not let you down. i will get this nomination. >> a super tuesday for mitt romney. the biggest prize was ohio. >> we are doing some accounting pea. >> mitt romney was victorious in five other states. rick santorum earned bragging rights in some of the republican states. oklahoma, tennessee, and north dakota, raising fresh doubts about mitt romney. >> we have won and we're ready to win across this country. >> newt gingrich got the nod in his home state of georgia. >> there are lots of bunny rabbits and i'm the tortoise. >> are we going to win? >> we always win. >> ron paul did not get a single win. there'll be caucuses in wyoming on saturday. tara mergener, wbal-tv 11 news. >> mitt romney got 54% of the super tuesday delegates. rick santorum has 176 delegates. you can keep up with the republican race for the white house on our website. we have up to date numbers w
next tuesday, with elections in wisconsin, maryland, and the district of columbia. >> and mitt romney is on a roll. in d.c., the former massachusetts governor is expected to coast to victory in tuesday's primary. >> thank you for welcoming me. >> in maryland, polls show a double-digit lead over rick santorum, but the day's biggest prize, wisconsin. >> we're going to be working hard here in wisconsin. >> shaping up to be santorum's last chance to stop romney, who leads here, too. >> thank you all very much for coming. >> and on the heels formal endorsements from the bush family. >> barbara and i are very proud to fully and enthusiastically endorse and support our old friend, mitt romney. >> another high-profile republican endorsement is set for today. from wisconsin representative paul ryan. >> and newt gingrich and ron paul are still on the campaign trail, both making stops in wisconsin. in washington, i'm tara mergener, wbal-tv 11 news. >> president obama returns to the campaign trail today, attending two large fundraisers in vermont and maine. meantime, in washington, the senate def
presidential candidate mitt romney makes a campaign stop here in maryland. the former massachusetts governor was at a town hall meeting wednesday. next month, romney and the other g.o.p. contenders will compete for 37 maryland delegates in their bid to win the republican nomination. romney focused his speech on the debt, unemployment, and president obama's economic promises. >> this president promised to cut the deficit in half. he's doubled it. he told us he'd get us back to work and hold unemployment below 8%. it hasn't been below 8% in 37 straight months. he said he'd cut taxes for middle income tax payers. that hasn't happened either. >> maryland's primary is set for april 3 and early voting begins on saturday. >> in session 2012 news this morning -- a high -- a number of high-profile bills are getting the full attention of the general assembly. on the house floor, there's a measure that would double the tax from $30 to $60 a year. money raised would clean up the bay, and both chambers are tackling legislation that limits use. opponents are trying to gut the bill with amendments. the gov
and mississippi? >> mitt romney remains the front winner. >> mitt romney still is the guy with the most votes, the most delegates, the most money, the biggest organization. >> newt gingrich has some republicans calling on him to quit and rally behind rick santorum. >> a look for to getting to tampa -- i look forward to getting to tampa. >> ron paul is in missouri. another round coming. >> do some math for us. how does that look? >> mitt romney now has 495 delegates. he would need about half of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. rick santorum would need about 66% to clinch the nomination of those remaining delegates. a very high bar. >> tara mergener, thank you. >> a former governor is supposed to be in colorado to begin a prison sentence. >> a virginia jury reaches a verdict against virginia tech university. its decision when we cover the nation. >> this is the b-w parkway at maryland 32. more on weather and traffic when we come back >> welcome back. 5:10. 58 degrees downtown. we don't expect any trouble for the morning commute. the could be some thunderstorms later tonight. 51
are being made for some to drop out of the race. we have today's commitment 2012 report. >> mitt romney walked away with more than half of the super tuesday delegates. he says it is time for his opponents to stand down. it was hardly a knockout win but after victories in six of 10 super tuesday contests, including the state of ohio, mitt romney says the writing is on the wall. >> we have the time and the resources to get all of the delegates. we think that will get done before the convention. >> they're focusing on upcoming races. and the political maneuvering is intense. >> i feel good about last night. >> following a near when an ohio, rick santorum is asking newt gingrich to step aside. the former speaker only got the most votes in his home state of georgia. >> i am all for mitt romney getting out. i wish president obama would hand me the thing. >> gingrich's reject -- rejecting all calls to get out. >> i believe it will be impossible for a moderate to win the general law section. [applause] >> in the meantime, ron paul is still hanging on. he wants to collect enough delegates to get
with local business leaders. our state is drawing more attention than usual. mitt romney was in arbutus last week's. . >> hundreds of people take to the streets seeking justice for trayvon martin. he was shot last month. oodies, ple wore hug which martin was wearing when he was killed. >> this is something i have to do. i was 01 -year-old 1 am unt whet till was killed. >> i'm a vietnam vet. >> the march ended at city hall. several organizations organized that event. a legal setback for two brothers accused of setting a dog on fire. >> jury selection was slated to begin yesterday. the judge ruled on some motions and that was delayed. twin brothers travers and tremayne johnson are accused of setting a dog on fire. he died several days later. the twins were put on trial in 2011. prosecutors relied on surveillance video to identify the twins as well as the taped conversations. it ended in a mistrial. both motions were denied. this retrial and was scheduled and the late three times in 2011. and all activists are still putting a positive spin on the case despite the delay. >> we need to see this t
officially begin their push this week for reelection. tracie potts has the latest. >> mitt romney, rick santorum, and newt gingrich. these guys have a different economic philosophy that we do. >> a punch in his first campaign event. vice-president biden told republicans will let their bosses and employees go bankrupt. >> if you give anyone of these guys the keys to the white house, they will bankrupt the middle-class. >> joe biden is calling the other side out on issue differences. >> in maryland, president obama focused on energy and promises from his republican rivals of cheaper gas because they start acting like we have a magic wand and we will give you a cheaper gas forever if you just elect us. they dismiss wind power. they dismiss solar power. they make jokes about biofuels. they were against raising -- i guess they like gas guzzlers. >> newt gingrich took aim at the claims of more drilling. >> this is intellectual nonsense. if he wants to represent saudi arabia oil, i will represent american oil and american jobs. >> a campaign now under way with both sides. the president has cam
to be here. >> mitt romney urges voters. his wife is on the campaign trail, trying to give him a boost. >> it is time for us to coalesce. in in eithere wh state -- mitt romney is in a statistical tie. this could be a make or break ground for the former speaker. >> unless people want to choose between $10 a gallon and $2.50 a gallon. >> rick santorum is aiming for the knockout blow to show conservatives are on his side. >> making sure we get a conservative nominee. >> ron paul is not campaigning in either state. he is focusing on the caucus in hawaii. >> we have seen approval ratings of the president's. any idea how the gop candidates would fare against him? >> a new hypothetical matchup that in a matchup between president obama, he would lead by three points, 47% to 44%. with rick santorum, president obama would leave by just three points. the gap is narrowing. this is potentially do to president obama's approval rating falling. >> tara mergener, thank you. >> hundreds of students in afghanistan in holding a protest. new details are coming out about the staff sergeant from washington s
romney -- >> you have a big set as to who our nominee will be. >> gaining on rick santorum. >> we are here for a reason. because on experience, principal, on values, on energy and enthusiasm and grit. >> we need to have a president who understands the economy if we're going to fix the economy. >> newt gingrich is looking for a campaign revival. ron paul is hoping alaska it gives him his first victory of the campaign. >> that is the message that we want to have. >> on super tuesday, 1/3 of the delegates needed to win the nomination will be awarded. >> is super tuesday expected to give is a clearer focus as to who might end up with the gop nomination? >> it could be make or break for newt gingrich or it could lend more credibility to ron paul. these delegates are handed up by share. it could be tough to score a decisive win. women at sea front runner -- we may not see a front-runner. >> the big local story, the death of a 13-year-old monae turnage is ruled accidental. >> kim dacey is live to explain. body was turnage's found in an alley on sunday. her family reported her missing aft
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